Higashi Bestuin Morning Market

The Higashi Betsuin temple’s monthly Tezukuri Asaichi (Handmade Morning Market) has something for everyone, featuring more than 220 vendors inside and outside of the expansive temple grounds. As the word tezukuri indicates, the market specializes in handmade and hand-grown products made locally in the Tokai area. You will find organic vegetables, traditional Japanese food, bentos, vegetarian yakisoba, rice bowls, organic green tea, medical herbal tea, traditional Japanese sweets, as well as tacos, pizza, and Thai and Korean food.  If you don’t mind standing in line with large groups of stroller-pushing J moms, you can get gluten-free bread and other western-style baked treats made with locally-grown natural ingredients, too.

The market has more than 120 vendors selling handmade accessories, clothes, and various other crafts, Japanese-style wooden and ceramic dinnerware and plants, a story time hosted by a used children’s book store, and much more. A kids’ area with small individual tents as changing spaces is offered in front of the temple’s main hall, and a nursing room is also available inside Higashi Betsuin Kaikan which is located at the south east corner of the temple premises. Higashi Betsuin also hosts an organic food market on the 12th of every month.
Located just 5-minute subway ride from Sakae, Higashi Betsuin Temple hosts the Tezukuri Asaichi market on the 28th of each month.

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