Haunting But Fun – The Yurei Yokai Exhibit!

歌川芳藤「五十三次之内 猫之怪」弘化4年-嘉永5年(1847-52)福岡市博物館蔵

The special exhibition “Japanese Ghosts and Eerie Creatures” highlighting some of the best pieces collected by Kanpo Yoshikawa (1894-1979) is on loan from the Fukuoka City Museum  and being held at Nagoya City Museum until July 13th 2014.

Yoshikawa was a well-known Japanese-style painter, a sex researcher and a folk historian who was fascinated by the beauty of Japanese ghosts and eerie creatures. He spent his life collecting pictures of them and this exhibit offers both a comical and humorous look at Japanese horror.

The exhibition aims to transform the museum into a haunted house featuring a number of Japanese ghosts and eerie creatures, some which are truly scary while others are beautiful and charming. The entire exhibit is presented with a droll sense of humor right down to mimicking the popularity of the teen idol group AKB48 by entitling the event  “YKI48”. In fact visitors will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite character through June 29th.

Nagoya City Museum
1-27-1 Mizuho-dori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya
(052) 853-2655


Above Image: Gojyusantsuginouchi Nekonokai
By Utagawa Yoshifuji (1828 – 1887)
Painted in 1847-52

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