Harmonium Hijack
July 31, 2016

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 19:00
For nearly 10 years, this open mic and art event has been the best opportunity to put your finger on the creative pulse of Aichi. A number of our favorite performers got their start here, including The One20 (a fun side project I did with Tom Fallon of Ghost of Matsubara and the talented Menya Hinga). And even though that was one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of my life, that is simply one story of the hundreds created at the Harmonium Parlour. And while nothing will ever stop the Parlour, we have to say goodbye to John and Byrony of Semi-On, the band who first started this amazing happening. Before they fly away on that jet plane, they’re giving us one more chance to enjoy their band’s unique blend of gypsy folk rock. Alongside the jug band Santora 5, the honky-tonk hunks Borrowed Brass, rockabilly legends Duck and the Billys and, as always, the selector-extraodinaire DJ Toru, this is the event people will be talking about when they ask, “Where you there?” The Open Mic portion will return in September. So, leave your talent at home, and just enjoy the epicness.

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