Hands-on Japanese Culture Fair
October 15, 2017

Wear a kimono, play the koto, try your hand at calligraphy, make your own flower arrangement to keep, and more – Japan Folk Festival (JFF) has arranged a wonderful lineup of teachers to give you a personalized, friendly introduction into the activities you’ve always wanted to try. The program varies from month to month, but always includes a variety of activities that you can move freely between, based on your own interests. Past fairs have included full wedding-style kimono, tea ceremony with your own handmade wagashi sweets, sumi-e ink painting, and paper crafts, among others. Contact JFF for reservations, questions, and details about the specifics of the program! Ticket is all-inclusive, covering kimono rental and several items to be taken home as souvenirs (flower arrangement, sweets, original calligraphy, crafts, etc.)

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