Hamburger Seikatsu no Susume: Honkaku Burger

A 5 min walk from Kakuozan or Motoyama stations, a shop with a Nihongo name! In English? “Recommendation for your hamburger lifestyle”. The burger? The Authentic Motoyama-Kakuozan “Honkaku Burger”. A plain, no nonsense hamburger. The lack of distractions helps concentrate on the patty, which happened to be pretty damn good. The patty is made of a mix of five different kinds of beef. It is ground roughly, with large tasty chunks of beef.

There was no cheese on this burger, which is not something I usually enjoy, but the lack of dairy is more than made up for by the shop’s secret recipe sauce. It’s similar to thousand island dressing, but with that mouth-watering special “something”.

This is a slow eating burger, do yourself a f(l)avor and enjoy all of the flavors instead of just inhaling it. The burger was neither huge nor tiny. Get an extra patty if you’re hungry, and savor the tastes. Enjoy the moment.

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