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Whether you like surfing, hanging out at a sandy beach, fishing off a pier, eating great food or just taking a scenic bike ride, Hamamatsu has it all. Located on the Pacific shore just north of Nagoya, Hamamatsu is home to Lake Hamanako and Bentenjima Island – which sits at the point where the lake flows into the sea.

Right in the middle of the lake is  a huge tori and every day until August 31st you can take a boat ride there to dig clams at low tide. The boat costs ¥1,200 and you get to take home a bag full of fresh clams! And don’t miss the sunset with the tori sitting in the middle of the lake to frame it – it is something else!

The Hamanako area is also known for it’s waves and there are a lot of great spots to surf. Just five minutes from Bentenjima Station is the Mains Surf Shop which has all the gear you need to get you in the water. The owner of the shop is well regarded locally as the surfing authority and he can fill you in on everything you know about the area including wave conditions and the best spots to head for.

After a great day everyone wants to have something good to eat. Hamanako is known where the cultures of both the west and east meet, so there is a wide variety of great food at very reasonable prices. There’s a burger shop called Leader on the 2nd floor of the Main’s Surf shop with an excellent view of the lake, or you can take a little walk near to the harbor to go to LaLa Cafe.

LaLa opened November of last year and is known for it’s “Devil Curry”. Last February, former Nag-ite Yuuki Inagawa began working with the owner, Hirohata Hideaki to sell LaLa’s homemade Sri Lankan Curry online and now it is the number one curry on the popular Japanese shopping site Rakuten. The cafe itself is both friendly and international, it features a high ceiling and a large open space with a mini-ramp that customers can use free of charge if they want to practice their skillz. They have nine varieties of Devil Curry to choose from including the popular Devil Chicken and the Devil Pork curries.

If you are looking to stay for a day or two there are many hotels in front of Bentenjima station. If you prefer camping check out the Nagisa-en area right behind the station. There you can camp, BBQ and even rent bikes.

While you might think it is a bit far, it is actually only an your and a half by direct train to Bentenjima Station. From Nagoya station take the JR Rapid past Toyohashi and get off at Bentenjima. The cost is only ¥1,620 each way which is cheaper than taking a car. think about it, after just a few cans of beer you’ll be sitting by one of Japan’s nicest beaches!

Mains Surf shop




If you get lost or are looking for information in English feel free to contact Yuuki at:


LaLa Curry
2668-169 Maisaka, Maisakacho, Nishiku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan 431-0211
Tel: (053) 523-6567

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