Mayuko Austin checks out GROK American bar in Osu

On the corner of a  two-story building a few blocks south of the Osu shopping district hangs a big sign for GROK – Step inside and you will be carried back to an American bar from the 60s-70s.

Grok features classic ambience of American bar: handmade furniture in a vintage western style, retro items and paintings which were all purchased in the US by the owner, Harumi-san, and most importantly, delicious American cuisine.

With many different selections of food and an ample selection of speciality drinks, you’ll never feel like you are a missing a thing. Harumi-san    pays particular attention to detail in every part of her customer’s dining experience.

One of Grok’s awesome food items is the must-try Grokdog, a tasty variant on ye olde classic. The chef’s personal recommendation their slow-cooked beef curry, with it’s melt-in-your-mouth chunks of beef. Shops with a lunch menu are not rare, but Grok does something special by offering them on weekends with good value sandwich, pasta, curry and Grokdog sets.

To sum up, Grok is stylish and cozy, while the warm atmosphere is sure to make it a hit with you and your friends. Sit down and try a Grokdog with a cocktail (or few), or just relax and take in the Grok!

Get to GROK!

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