GLocals: Answers to questions about the “Highly Skilled Professional” visa

We received many questions about the article on Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa in the October issue of NAGMAG.

Here are the answers to some of your questions:

Question 1 : 

What categories of payment are included in “remuneration”? For example, does overtime payment count as remuneration for point calculation? How about bonuses? 

“Remuneration” is defined as “payment in return for the value of certain work performed”. This means that base pay, diligence allowance and adjustment allowances are counted as “Remuneration”. On the other hand, compensation for actual expenses, such as allowance for commuting, dependents, and housing (excluding taxable expenses) are not counted as “Remuneration”.

“Overtime Pay” is payment in return for the value of certain work performed.  However it is uncertain at the time of entry into Japan how much will be paid as overtime pay. Therefore, it is not included in the “Remuneration” point calculation.

Similarly at the time the period of stay is being renewed, past overtime payments are not taken into consideration as “Remuneration”. Only expected annual salary is counted in the point calculation.

So-called bonuses are included in “Remuneration”.

Question 2: 

I receive my remuneration from an overseas company, not from the Japanese company I work for. Does this salary count as remuneration for point calculation system?

Such payment is counted as “remuneration” in the following situation:

A foreign national is transferred by a foreign company to a Japanese company, and it is paid by said foreign company (the foreign national needs to prove this).

Question 3: 

I am currently employed under a highly skilled foreign professional visa. I engaged in advanced academic activities. When I entered Japan, my annual salary was 6.5 million yen. If my salary subsequently fell to 5.5 million yen, my point tally will drop below 70. Can I remain in Japan?

A total of at least 70 points is required in order to qualify as a highly skilled foreign professional. Once such a person is residing in Japan, it is not necessary to maintain a score of 70 points or more constantly.

Therefore, your status as a highly skilled foreign professional will not immediately revoked even if your salary fell to 5.5 million yen. However, when the time comes to extend your period of stay, it cannot be extended if your total point is below 70 points. In that case, you need to change your visa status to  another more appropriate category. Otherwise you cannot remain in Japan.

Question 4:

When I get a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa, will I be able to bring my parents? Can I bring my parents-in-law?

Yes, you can bring your parent, or parents in law when the certain requirements are satisfied. We will have more on this issue next month

For more details about points system for the highly skilled foreign professional visa check out the GLocals website


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