As a foreigner in Japan it can be quite challenging to navigate the paperwork involved in obtaining a visa, registering a business or dealing with the legal documents involved in marriage or managing assets and obligations related to inheritance.

More often than not foreigners have relied on family, friends or their employer to assist them in even the most routine legal affairs involved with living and working abroad. Sometimes this means we don’t always get the best advice or are unable to accurately asses the particulars of our own situation.

Fortunately there is Glocals, a dependable, bilingual service which can advise you on your rights in a variety of paticular situations and help you to determine the best way to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Glocals is run by Ms. Makiko Yamauchi an Aichi native who has spent several years working as a legal officer for the United Nations in New York and London. Ms. Yamauchi has a Masters degree in law and has extensive experience in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, translation and understands the challenges of living and starting a business in a foreign country.

Glocals focuses on three main areas of assistance: visa application; business consulting; and assistance with family legal asssistance.

Most of Maki’s first clients were simply trying to find someone who would help them navigate the byzantine immigration process. She quickly found that many people she dealt with were unaware of their rights and had not considered applying for permanent residency. Additionally many people who wanted to start their own business were content to do so with a marriage visa, not contemplating what adverse consequences could crop up down the road. It was here that she found a regular clientele of foreigners who just needed an objective source of guidance.

Maki is also a great source of information about how to set up a business in Japan. She advises clients on determining a business objective and helps them explore financial assistance and funding to get their endeavor going.

Another area where there is a surprising need for assistance is in discovering, managing and moving inherited assets from abroad. Even if you do not inherit anything there is always paperwork that must be dealt with to dispose of an estate.

Maki is a cheerful and open person who works out of a bright and airy office which is conveniently located just 3 minutes from Ikeshita station.

Maki suggests that you contact her initially by email (English is fine) and summarize your situation.

The initial review of your case requires no fee. And she will respond with an initial assessment of how you might proceed and an idea of what the fee will be. Then you can arrange a meeting or a consultation.

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