Glocal Hostel

  • Free Wi-Fi, kitchen and dining table for guests, cafe and bar on the first floor, small locker for valuables, female-only floor, shampoo and body wash provided, 24-hour access, laundromat
  • 5-10 min walk from Nagoya Stn, located directly at Willer bus stop
  • Access:
  • Glocal Hostel
  • (052) 446-6694
  • 名古屋市中村区則武1-21-3

Nagoya’s best international backpacker hostel with a friendly crowd of people from Japan and all around the world. Their excellent cafe serves a wide variety of western food and loads of craft beers. It is open from 11am offering lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, finishing up at 11pm. The bar is open all day too. Lots of information for tourists and ideas for what’s fun to do in Nagoya.

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