Glamorous Night in north Hisaya-odori
June 30, 2017

The north part of Hisaya-odori Park called River Park, just to the north of Nagoya TV tower, is surrounded by lots of trees and has even a pond and river. It’s an oasis of the big busy city.

On Friday June 30th there will be a special big event held here.  It’s called Glamorous Night where you can relax in luxurious comfy glamping tents (huge bell tents), get a spa massage and enjoy a full-course French/Italian dinner with rare sparkling wines available in Nagoya for the first time while listening to a beautiful violin concert.

A guest speaker, Tadashi Inamoto, well-known as a craftsman, author as well as lecturer at the Tokyo University of Agriculture is there to share stories about “harmonious lifestyle for nature and humans”. The main purpose of the event is to connect people with green sharing the awareness and importance of nature and how wonderful it is to have such beautiful greenery in the urban city.

The NPO groups have their missions to help the environment in the city area and will use some of the funds for planting trees and plants in Nagoya.

Don’t miss this one-chance opportunity as it will be a night to remember!

Booking must be made by April 24!

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