Ghost of Matsubara Rises to Red Bull's Challenge

GOM-RED-BULL-PICNAGMAG is happy announce that our local Nagoya rockers, GHOST OF MATSUBARA (GoM), are in the running to win the Red Bull Live On The Road competition. So, far they’ve seen a meteoric rise though the competition’s ranks from 214th place to, currently, 33rd place in the mere 5 days since they entered the running. If we can get the GoM guys into the top 10 and keep them there until May 13th, then they will get the opportunity to perform at this years Summer Sonic in August.

Help out GHOST OF MATSUBARA by visiting their profile on the Red Bull Live On The Road website. The site is in Japanese, so be forewarned that the “VOTE” button will be cleverly disguised as: 「投票する」

In addition to voting, be sure to watch their video, leave comments, and (most importantly) click the Facebook and Twitter share links. Doing this actually scores them more “buzz” points than voting does, and thus increases GoM’s chances of making it to the top! Let’s send GHOST OF MATSUBARA to Summer Sonic 2013!!

Red Bull Live On The Road (GoM)

Ghost of Matsubara

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