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Just when you thought Nagoya couldn’t get any freakier, along comes Halloween to put everything in perspective. This month the  mag is dedicated to helping you navigate your way through the festivities…

Halloween Events
Our extensive Halloween party guide for The Nag. If you are looking for a fun night out to celebrate Daniel Ostrander has wrapped them all up into one nice and handy rundown of the holiday festivities – Including a complete rundown of “The Sexy Halloween” and how you can win a free “私は ザ セクシー” T-shirt.

This month Adam Miller looks at some of the scariest women in Japanese cinema… and offers his opinion of which siren of the Japanese screen would make the ultimate Halloween date.

Kazuhide answers “the one idiot seven question of Jim”

Daniel Ostrander offers up some sound advice for your sonic amusement.

Ray proper talks yakitori. “In a nutshell:  kill chicken, put on stick, grill over fire, and eat.  The world at large suffers a serious lack of meat on a stick options, but Japan is a glorious exception to this rule. ” Also we direct your attention to the Nagoya landmark Jerry’s Uno in Shinsakae.

Download The October NAGMAG!

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