GariGarikun Rich Neapolitan Pasta Flavored Ice Pops

GariGarikun Rich is a series of limited-edition flavored ice candy which is released in Japan each year. While most of their icicle pops are garden variety fruity, their line of non-fruity flavors like corn potage soup flavored ice candy often seem designed to make headlines. This year they have released a new Neapolitan Pasta flavor. So naturally, after ridiculing it to death at the local convenience store, I bought two.

I ate one.

The other sits in the freezer awaiting my worst enemy’s visit.

The texture is pretty much like any other ice candy out there. The first two seconds are a numb cold feeling and you actually think, “Hey, this ain’t half bad” when the frozen pasta sauce taste hits your tastebuds like a ton of bricks. Then, as it melts you swear you can taste onions, garlic and basil, yet such particles are nowhere to be seen in the frozen confection. Take another bite and suddenly, BAM!!! you hit something soft, jelly-like, sweet and tangy and as it warms up and melts it releases its full flavor: Tomato Jelly.

Now I understand why many call tomato a fruit, but it don’t mean you put in ice-cream. However, I can see how this product was designed to meet some sort of business need. “Hey Joe, I accidentally dropped a ton of sugar in the pasta sauce vat” “No worries Tom, pour it into these little molds and freeze it”


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