Gaijin’s New Year Resolution of learning Japanese destined to fail

Canadian Arnold Francis’ New Year Resolution of learning to speak Japanese this year is unlikely to be realised, friends claim.

Despite his insistence that this year he will pull his finger out and study really hard, those close to him hold out very little hope of him being successful.

“Every year Arnold says that he is going to hit the books, study every day and join a language school,” said a friend of Francis, yesterday. “But he has been saying that every December since 2007 and still he can do little more than order two nama beers.”

Francis states that this year things will be different. “Admittedly I have tried with very little success in the past, but then I didn’t have a flash card app on my smart phone, which I am sure is going to help me immensely. I have also bought the entire Genki Japanese textbook course, and unlike last year I am determined not to sell them on the Chubu Online Treasure Trove by the end of January.”

“It would be wonderful if he was able to speak at least a little Japanese,” said his wife, Shoko Francis. “But he is so bad at it, maybe it is for the best that he doesn’t. The mistakes in pronunciation can be really awful. It’s bad enough that he makes mistakes with his own daughter Ayako’s name. But we had to find a new supermarket to shop at after he tried to tell me, very loudly, how he really liked big mangos, in Japanese. I will never be able to forget the shame.”

“She’s making a big fuss about nothing,” said Arnold. So what if I occasionally mix up my ‘go’ and ‘ko’ sounds. Ayago doesn’t seem to mind.

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