Gaijin Population Relieved As New School Year Prompts Conversation

bored-273x300Nagoya’s legion of English teachers today expressed relief as the autumn school term began.

Having spent six weeks with very little to do other than sitting around their shitty little apartments in their underwear watching repeats of Game of Thrones illegally downloaded from the internet, conversation had all but ground to a standstill.

“The last week of August was particularly tedious,” said Assistant Language Teacher Kirk Gouldbourne. “Towards the end, my friends and I had literally nothing to talk about and found ourselves staring into our jumbo sized Moscow Mules repeatedly asking each other ‘so, where are you from?’ and ‘how long have you been in Japan?’ over and over again.”

But now school has begun again the spark of conversation has been rekindled.

“It became so bad that I almost began to talk about my feelings,” said high school teacher Sally Eaton. “Fortunately school started again this week and now I can get back to bitching about how clueless the Japanese teachers are, laughing at the stupid things my idiot pupils say and griping about how the school I work for has the temerity to expect me to do a full day’s work. I couldn’t be happier.”

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