Fushimi Goes Upscale at NOSSA Gallery Bar & Dining

With an unseasonably cold spell having gripped our fair City of Nagoya in late April, I was feeling a bit frigid as I dismounted my trusty scooter and began climbing the stairs to the Nossa Gallery. Despite the half-drawn window blinds on the second floor dining room, inviting beams of warm light danced down the staircase from the glistening picture windows, giving me an inexplicable feeling of hope on this dark and biting cold spring evening. With this new found sense of optimism chasing away my blues, I opened the door to the Nossa Gallery to be greeted by a radiant smile and haunting, crystal blue eyes whose color puts the the deepest ocean’s awesome efforts to shame. This stunning vision was not a hallucination induced by the toxic fumes sputtered forth from my scooter; this angelic vision was Nossa Gallery’s owner and charming hostess, Gabriela Amisculesei.

Gabriela, a native of Romania, has been back and forth between her home country and Japan for the past 10 years or so, and she describes herself as a collector of contemporary art. With a cafe concept focusing on promoting the aspiring talents of young local Japanese artists, Gabriel also sees the Nossa Gallery as a platform for more established international artists to exhibit their works in Nagoya as well.

Art and beauty, however, are not the only reasons to stop by the Nossa Gallery; the food there is up scale and delicious! In addition to having a fully stocked and well lit bar, featuring an array of top shelf liquors, classic and specialty cocktails, bottled beers, and tasty liqueurs, the Nossa Gallery also boasts a selection of gourmet international dishes. Toping that list of mouthwatering delicacies is their Pan fried salmon on Gorgonzola cream gnocchi with walnuts for a reasonable ¥1050. And, you can follow that tongue tantalizing carnival of class with an exquisite chocolate fondant for just ¥500. Also, you ladies will pleased to learn that the Nossa Gallery offers a splendid Ladies Course including appetizer, main course, dessert, and drink for ¥2980.

So, get out to Fushimi and experience a new level of style and class with Gabriela and friends down at the Nossa Gallery Bar and Dining.

Nossa Gallery Bar and Dining
Pia Castel S.K. Bldg 2A, 1-14-21 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Tel: (052) 684-4491
Open Tuesday – Sunday 17:00 – 1:00am
Facebook: nossa.gallery

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