Fushimi and Marunouchi

Located just one stop east of Nagoya Station and one stop west of Sakae, Fushimi is a center for business and nightlife. The Higashiyama and Tsurumai subway lines intersect here, and it is a convenient transit point for those headed to Toyota City.

Two of Nagoya’s most prominent hotels, The Hilton Nagoya and the Kanko Hotel, are located here and both are located a few steps from Fushimi subway station.

For nightlife the area boasts two of the city’s most popular expatriate hangouts, the Shooters Sports Bar and Grill and The Elephant’s Nest British pub.

Nearby in the verdant Shirakawa Park, you will find the Nagoya City Art Museum which has an impressive permanent collection and the Nagoya City Science Museum which boasts the world’s largest planetariums and is an excellent place to take the kids for a day.

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    1. 誰もが雪その名古屋に一番近い場所/町が何なのか教えてもらえますか?

      Daremoga yuki sono Nagoya ni ichiban chikai basho/ machi ga nan’na no ka oshiete moraemasu ka?

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