Foreign Artists Exhibition 32 Call For Submissions

Once again the Central Japan International Society (CJIS) is ready to click into action, in preparation for the next Foreign Artists’ Exhibition, now in its 32nd year. This ever-popular annual show will be held between 7th and 12th November this year in the 4th floor display room at the Nagoya International Center (NIC). As always the CJIS is looking for new artists from overseas aged 18 or over to show their work to the public at large; artwork can cover the whole gamut of creative endeavors, principally the following: Painting in any medium; drawing; computer graphics; photography (preferably not holiday snaps unless wildly original!); printmaking (any medium from woodblock to mono, to lithography, etc); pottery/ceramics; sculpture; collage; montage; wood-carving; anime cartoons, etc etc. In previous years we’ve also had the pleasure of featuring origami artist, pressed flower arrangements, and slide show presentations (artists must provide their own hardware).In short, we’re looking for another great show to present to the general public — usually in excess of 1,000 visitors flock through the exhibition during the 6 days duration.

How to Apply

Please note all artists from last year’s show will automatically receive an application form and guidelines, no need to request forms, they’ll be in the mail.

Applications close Wednesday, October 25

For new artists interested in displaying their work, please contact:
(English, Portuguese, Spanish, and
Chinese forms)

Mirian-Miyamae #203
Hikiyama 1-1401

2 responses to “Foreign Artists Exhibition 32 Call For Submissions

  1. Hello! I would like to ask about the format of drawings for exposition. Is it possible to exhibit prints instead of original drawings? The thing is that I love to draw in sketchbooks or on A5 paper. I have A4 drawings of course, but not that many. I think these sketchbook originals are not suitable for exposition.

    Thank you!

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