Foreign Artists Exhibition 2018 – Call For Submissions
October 30 - November 4, 2018

By James Goater

For Buddhists of almost every stripe, school, or sect, the number thirty-three is of special significance being the number of forms manifested by the well-known deity (more accurately “boddhisattva”) known as Kannon, frequently referred to as the “Goddess of Mercy”, though the original Kannon was of indeterminate gender. Nagoya has a number of well-known Kannon temples, those of Osu, Arako, and Kasadera being the principal ones. It is common to see rows of these red-bibbed Kannon statues lined up for reverence — frequently in their own roofed structure, or “Kannon-do”. (Editor: Where is this going?”)

Right. The number thirty-three is also of special significance to organizers of the 2018 version of the Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE) since this year will see the thirty-third version of this ever-popular & long-running event – FAE 33. The “Call for Artists” went out on August1st and since then responses have been brisk with around thirty artists already signed up. It thus seems entirely possible that last year’s record number of participants (78 artists representing 22 countries) will be reached, if not surpassed. Heartening for organizers — the Central Japan International Society(CJIS) — is that nearly one-quarter of the artists expressing interest in this year’s show are “new” artists, participating for the first time. The constant influx of new faces/new art ensures that the exhibition can never stale or disappoint – always a potential problem for an event such as this, now into its fourth decade!! Interestingly, four of the original artists from the earliest FAEs are still active and show their artwork every year — thus ensuring a multigenerational dimension to the show!

The 2018 FAE (FAE 33), as always, will be located in the exhibition room on the 4th floor of the Nagoya International Center (NIC) and begin on Tuesday October 30 and extend until November 4. Open daily from 10am to 7pm, apart from the final day, Sunday, when the exhibition will close at 5pm, entry is of course free and there are usually artists on hand for enquiries, conversation, and repartee.

A warm welcome is extended to one and all to come and see this huge collection of artwork by foreign artists resident in the Chubu Region of Central Japan. In recent years, visitor numbers have regularly topped 1,000, in overall attendance. Closing date for applications is 25 October, meaning there is still abundant time for anyone thinking of applying.
All necessary details are on the FAE website available at: from which application forms and guidelines can be downloaded. Direct enquiries can be addressed to


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