FAE 28: The Twenty-Eighth Foreign Artists Exhibition

The Summer’s long gone, Autumn is advancing, and Halloween is already a memory; it must be that time of year again – time for another FAE.  Incredibly, it’ll be the 28th show in this long-running series which stretches back to 1986 and now represents the largest assembly of foreign artists in Central Japan.

This year the exhibition will be held in December, yes, a little later than usual but all the usual suspects (and a few new ones) will be lining up to present their recent artwork to the Nagoya public. And once again, the small group of volunteers known as the “Central Japan International Society” (CJIS) is already hard at work preparing the event – to be held, as always, in the well-appointed display room on the 4th floor of the Nagoya International Center (NIC) which  is easily accessible from the Sakura-dori line subway station located directly beneath the building.

Around 60 artists are expected to participate, and with another healthy influx of “new” artists, exhibiting for the first time, there should be plenty of new ideas on show, as well as new media utilized. This continuing turnover of participating artists ensures that the show never goes stale and that each year the artwork is fresh and challenging.

The exhibition begins on 3 December (Tuesday) and extends to 8 December (Sunday) – daily from 10am to 7pm, apart from Sunday, when the show will end at 5pm.  Don’t miss an opportunity to visit this ever-popular show and see what foreign artists from the Chubu Region are doing.

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