Exeo International Party – September 13, 2013

Exeo International is a service  for Japanese women who want to meet foreign men. As a reader of NAGMAG, you’ve probably seen their ads, but how does this actually work? As Executive Manager Simon Chapman says, “Guys always seem to have a good time. They tend to like a free dating party where there’s more women than men!”

At it’s purpose-built venues, Exeo holds a monthly event that essentially consist of three parts:

The first part involves men going around the room and speaking to all of the women, one at a time – kind of like speed dating. This way everyone can get an idea of who they are interested in getting to know better. Some men like to do this more than others, but it’s the only way to spend equal time meeting all of the girls.

During this time in the party, guests exchange their profile cards (which include basic information, hobbies, interests, etc.) and take notes on a checklist. One thing to keep in mind is that everyone has their own number (not name), so taking notes is important.

Following this is a period of free time, where guests can move around and talk to anyone they choose, building up to the main event: Coupling!

Men and women fill out their coupling cards, which are basically just voting cards. People write the numbers in the order they think are the best match for them. Using this process and their own magic, staff members match pairs into couples and announce them. After this the new couples can leave together and are free to exchange contact information and meet another time, or more commonly, go out for dinner and drinks.

These parties cost the women ¥5000 and men ¥2000. However, as there are usually a lot more women than men, staff can let men attend for free at their own discretion. If you make an online reservation at least 72 hours in advance you can enter for free.



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