Events for the young and old

Pets Exhibition Day

cube hair dogI know every time I see a tiny dog with a ridiculously oversized bow, or someone bending right down with a wet-wipe to their Chihuahua’s ass, or that old Japanese man who proudly holds his pooch in a knitted sweater and walks around Tsurumai Park, you will always find me in a state of awwwww (note the inflection).

So get ready for the awws and the kawaiis at the biggest day for pets in Nagoya. You can check out the dog’s hair and fashion shows (who knows what will supersede the cube?!) and you can even get involved in the photo session with the pups.

9/17 | 10:00~17:00
Kinjo-Futo Station
Port Messe Nagoya, No.2 Exhibition Hall, Minato-ku

Sakae Yaba-cho Haunted House – The Curse of the Lullaby

This is perhaps one for the big kids only… Get a scare in early before Halloween, as this haunted house is unlike any other.  Gomi Hirofumi, who is responsible for this house of horrors, has created a series of interactive scenes involving a sick child and a murder. You will not be cheaply startled or tricked; you will follow the story throughout the house and will be begging with the people inside to stop. Don’t forget to bring a second pair of undies, because you will fill the first with sheer terror. I will be brining three.

Until 7/23
Wakamiya Odori Park, beneath the overpass at the Yaba-cho Intersection

Dinosaurs in Noritake Garden

You have probably already taken your kids to see the new Jurassic Park movie, because it (hopefully) guarantees a couple of hours of air-conditioned quiet-time. Just so you don’t feel too guilty, you can take your kids outside to check out some dinosaurs too (plus we know you think it’s really cool and you wanna see real dinosaurs too). Noritake Garden has been transported back to the Cretaceous Age, with walking-talking-roaring dinosaurs, including a huge 15 meter long tyrannosaurus-rex. There is a dinosaur quiz rally and best of all, entry is free!

Until 9/27
Kamejima Station

City Light Fantasia by NAKED – Kaleidoscope Fireworks in the Starry Sky

Lights and shiny things high up in the sky; no, you are not high. Throughout September you can marvel at the starry sky of Achi Village in Nagano projected onto Nagoya’s Sky Deck windows. This computer generated rendering of this celebrated sky, and NAKED Inc.’s kaleidoscopic fireworks creation, “FIREWORKS” represent the theme of “a child’s vision of a future city”, so you can ooh and ahh at the bright lights with the little ones. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Until 9/27
Nagoya TV Tower Sky Deck observation deck
Sakae Station

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