Escape From NAG!

It’s Winter and you know what that means! Time to get out of NAG. Destination: Bangkok!

Nagoya’s cold, miserable weather sure is a downer. Which is why here at NAGMAG, we think winter is an ideal time to GTFO¬†‚Äì which is not an acronym for Get The Fleece Out!

Destinations, destinations. A weekend hop to Korea would be a great opportunity to eat some delicious food, buy some brand-name cosmetics for cheap, and enjoy Seoul’s balmy -6 degree temperatures. Whoops! We’d better head for a lower latitude next time, dear. Which in this case, means Thailand.

Why? Because it’s warm and welcoming. The yen converts favorably to the local currency, baht, and Thailand is just all-around awesome. Let’s take a quick look at some of the things you can do in the land to the south:


You might know Sirocco better as the rooftop restaurant where Chow got b-b-b-busted by the Feds in the cinema classic, The Hangover 2.

On the 63rd floor of Iebua State Tower, Sirocco offers fantastic views of the city, and the Sky Bar, one of the highest open-air drinking spots in the world.


Thailand is famous for it’s floating markets. As in, people in boats laden with goods selling their colorful wares. The most popular one with tourists is Damnoen Saduak floating market, located a little over 100 kilometers from Bangkok.

Richard Barrow on, however, recommends a trip to the market at Tha Kha instead ( as a way of avoiding “the bus loads of tourists on a very well worn trail”.


The monthly Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan attracts between ten and thirty thousand people each time it’s held. Starting at dusk, revellers dance the night away on Haad Rin’s cresent-shaped beach, lit by the full moon (hence the name).

If partying is your thing, then it’s definitely worth a trip; preview the action here:

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