Eikaiwa Student Learns To Say ‘Like A Boss’ Just After Everyone Stops Using It

A student at a Nagoya eikaiwa has recently learned to use the phrase ‘like a boss’, just after everyone stops saying it.

Kenta Tanaka, who has been attending ABCDEFGHIJKL English School for four years now learned the phrase from his teacher last week and has been unable to stop saying it to every gaijin he meets ever since.

“I’ve been studying, like a boss, for so long now,” Tanaka explains, “but until now I didn’t feel like I really got to grips with the language, like a boss. But now, whenever I’m drinking in a gaijin bar, like a boss, and I talk to a native speaker, like a boss, I just throw in the phrase ‘like a boss’ like a boss, and I can see that I really connect with them. Like a boss!”

Unfortunately for Tanaka, he seems to be unaware that the until quite recently ubiquitous phrase has fallen out of fashion, according to Professor Taishi Fujita, Head of Gaijin Studies at University of Nagoya.

“About six months ago, you couldn’t scroll through an American frat boy’s social media feed without seeing them describing their ability to do their every single daily activity – making breakfast, driving to work, taking a dump – like a boss,” Professor Fujita said. “But this seems to no longer be the case, with even popular websites such as The Douchebag Bible moving on.”

Simon Poulter, Tanaka’s teacher at the ABCDEFGHIJKL English School, explained his reasoning behind passing on the now defunct saying: “I have been teaching Tanaka san for six months, and the guy would spend every lesson just shouting ‘why Japanese people’ or telling me that ‘he had a pen’ with a look of absolute glee on his face.

“It was driving me crazy so, realising that he seemed to only learn catchphrases, I mentioned it to him once. I thought it seemed a good idea at the time. I was wrong. So very, very wrong.”

However, it seems that Tanaka’s thirst for the English language has been piqued, and he is all ready looking forward to his next lesson.

“I have been studying other zeitgeisty phrases and I have found that Americans really like the word ‘shuwiiing!’ and ‘cowabunga’. I can’t wait to use them at my next lesson.

“Oh, by the way,” he added, “Whaaaaazzzzuuuuuuuuup!”

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