November 24, 2019

Being Held in Fushimi at the Uchida Yoko Showroom on Sunday November 24th

Imagine a professional development event where teachers determine the conversation. This is what Edcamp Nagoya strives to provide. Edcamp Nagoya is a teacher-driven event where participants choose the topics on the day. At the beginning of the day, participants determine the topics of discussion by constructing a session matrix. Sessions are held in breakout rooms. This is an “unconference”, which gives voice to participants who organically lead discussions on topics they choose to join. All Edcamps are free to join. Throughout the event, if a session isn’t quite what a participant had hoped for the expectation is that that they simply move on to a different session. In this way, Edcamp events are personalized and empowering. Edcamp Nagoya will be held at Uchida Yoko in Fushimi: https://goo.gl/maps/kafFbHDSFB1ZiwCMA

The Edcamp Foundation began in the United States in 2010 when some Philidelphia-based educators organized an event without keynote speakers nor corporate booths. Although keynote speakers and corporate sponsorships are valuable, Edcamps aim to empower participants by allowing them to determine the agenda. (it is important to note that Edcamps do allow for corporate support through venues and SWAG, but emphasize that events are free and attendees are not solicited with corporate sales) Since 2010 there have been hundreds of Edcamps in 41 countries. Edcamps have been so successful that an Edcamp Encore program has developed, with events having a more specific focus but still participant-driven.

Edcamp came to Japan in 2013 when a group of Tokyo-based educators caught wind of the movement in the US and organized their own Edcamp event. Years later, several Edcamp events have been held throughout Kanto and Kansai. This year will be the first English-language Edcamp in Nagoya, with Edcamp Nagoya being officially recognized by the Edcamp Foundation. The event will also be in partnership with Google Educator Group Nagoya and supported by Google for Education Japan (but without a corporate booth).

Free registration for Edcamp Nagoya is now open and limited to 35 spaces. Participants will receive a certificate of participation along with some Edcamp Foundation and Google for Education SWAG. We hope to see passionate educators join Edcamp Nagoya, bringing their ideas and experiences to an afternoon of teacher-driven professional learning.
Registration information can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/y6727xzt

More information about Edcamp Nagoya can be found at:

Edcamp Foundation is a registered 501(c) 3 Non-Profit.
Learn more about Edcamp Foundation:  https://www.edcamp.org

Have a look at this official Edcamp Foundation video to gain a better understanding of the “unconference” format and nature of the event:  https://youtu.be/rgIqaduELP0


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