Dragonfly: Closer to You

The Nagoya-based Band’s New Single Closer to You is Now Available

Dragonfly, a local band formed in Nagoya in 2016 and they released their debut album “Guiding Lights” in March 2017. The band has an international line-up with members from Canada, the USA, Japan and Australia.

Dragonfly’s latest project is their new single “Closer To You”. The band’s music video to go with the track was released on Sunday December 1st. The video was shot on locations in and around Nagoya and has an old school, natural feel about it.

“Closer To You” is an easy-listening song with lush production and lots of vocal harmonies. Layered acoustic guitars with a grooving rhythm track. Harking back to the sounds of songwriters of yesteryear. It has simple yet rich production.

The video was shot by local videographer and editor Satomi Okane. She has done a great job capturing the band in natural settings, all looking like they are enjoying the experience.

The video is released through the band’s youtube channel and Facebook page. The single is available online via all major stores and streaming platforms.

The Back Story

The song almost never came to be.

As is often the way with sparks of creativity for Bob Vidler, He had come up with this acoustic guitar rhythm and vocal melody after a shower. He quickly jotted it down using his PC’s camera and put the idea into his dropbox… and promptly forgot about it.

While on his holiday in Cairns last year sitting in a hotel room killing time, he had a look through his dropbox to see what needed cleaning out. He came across the little demo and thought it was a really good rhythm and melody. He decided that when he returned to Nagoya, he would work on it and try to build it into a full song. And so he did.

The main acoustic guitar rhythm track is played on capo 7, which caused him to sing in a voice he had never previously known or used. He recorded the song using garage band and a Rhode NT3 mic, in a room in his house. The band dropped in to record their parts and the song came together. In total the song has 40 tracks, though they are carefully blended. You wouldn’t know it to listen to the song.

A lot of the tracks are guitars played using different intonations or different capo positions with different chord shapes. This created a really rich acoustic guitar underbelly for the song.

There are loads of layered vocals and vocal harmonies. All carefully layered so as to create a rich sound rather than separate sounding voices.

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