Download The September 2015 NAGMAG!

Get a PDF of the September NAGMAG HERE!

Our ears are stilling ringing from spending most of last month deep in the NAG Nite Scene to bring you a pretty good list of where it’s at in this fine city. Check out some of Nag’s best eats, or bunker down this typhoon season with the best survival advice in the country. This month’s issue has something for everyone:

• You are going to be busy this month. Dog shows and dinosaurs, a new scout group for Nagoya and the Foreign Artists Exhibition is turning 30 and needs you!

• Married? Feeling unsupported? We have something that may help. And we also want to give you a big hug because we know those feels.

• The typhoons are coming. Get prepped gaijin-style with our guide on how to put together your hijoubukuro.

• Daniel Ostrander visits 16 clubs in four nights and can still walk on his stank leg to bring you the dark tales of where it’s at in the Nag at nite.

• You know how you’re not supposed to go shopping when you’re hungry? Well don’t read Mark Guthrie’s review on Ginza Ashibe either.

• Our extensive list of where to eat and drink in the Nag.

Get a PDF of the September NAGMAG HERE!

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