Download The September, 2012 NAGMAG

Autumn is here! Kinda – the astronomical Summer doesn’t end until the 21st of this month. So, take advantage of the drop in humidity, crack a few beers and get reading this month’s issue of NAGMAG!

• Kazuhide returns!

• Ken Aichi drinks Pepsi Salty Watermelon (and feels violated)

• The bikes of NAG! And where to ride them!

• Nagoya’s bicycle ecosystem is teeming with strange and interesting breeds. Mark Guthrie examines the species.

• Keeping Cool: Now that the heat is abating you can think about peeling yourself off of the tatami in front of your air-con and getting some excercise.

• Hop on The Sexy Pics!

• We rate on our cheater-meter whether your cheating is cheating, or cheating.

• Reverse culture shock! After living in Japan it can be a PITA going home.


Download it here! (PDF Format)

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