Download the October NAGMAG!

In this month’s NAGMAG, which you can download right here in PDF format:

• We interview Mai, DJ extraordinaire and producer at Love House (cover).

• Halloween is a massive time for parties in our little city. Check out our exclusive rundown of where to be in Nagoya during 2012’s Halloween weekend.

• Keeping things scary, Mark Guthrie comes up with a list of “Nagoya’s scariest…”

• We have a look at Nameless Films’ latest production, Dark River.

• On the subject of Nameless, they are following up the huge success of Hamlet earlier this year with their next production: Romeo and Juliet

• Daniel Ostrander offers up some sound advice in NAG Live. Ghost of Matsubara’s new album looks sick!

• Your guide to Nagoya’s bars, restaurants, clubs and much more…

Download it here! (PDF)

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