Download The October 2015 NAGMAG!

Get a PDF of the October NAGMAG HERE!Cover

October: the heat of summer is gone, typhoon season is over, and if you can cosplay like a pro, money-making season! In this month’s NAGMAG:

• Check out the best places to try local Nagoya food with the Nagoya Meshi Festival  – a huge, local restaurant crawl.

• Get the lowdown on the Nag’s visual art scene from FAE founder and artist James Goater.

• How to restaurant in Japan – for the fresh blood among us.

• You’re gonna practice your Japanese tomorrow right? Wrong. Do it today you lazy gaijin. NPO can help you.

• Daniel Ostrander gives us the scary rundown on the hoard of Halloween parties in the Nag this month.

• Learn how to take a real tea break at Kakien.

• Mark Guthrie’s first installment of NAGMAG’s new series about a regular ALT who happens to be the second coming of Christ.

• Our extensive list of where to eat and drink in the Nag.

Get a PDF of the October NAGMAG HERE!

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