Download The November 2013 Issue of NAGMAG

CoverGet a PDF of the November NAGMAG HERE!

November brings orange leaves, and your last chance at hanging outside a bit before Nagoya’s frigid-ass winter sets in. Mark isn’t impressed: “At other parts of the year, the castle is a serene, majestic area, a place of contemplative beauty. Now, however, it’s fucking crazy.” (cover)

In the mag:
• The 28th Foreign Artists’ Exhibition
• The Sexy Halloween Photos
• The 5th Annual Nagoya Pole Dance Party is going to be huge!
• Dreamcatcher at The Chikusa Playhouse Nov. 23 ~ Dec. 1
• Fun with Autumn leaves!
Layers Aloha Dining Offers Up Burgers and Pancakes Hawaiian Style!
• And much more…

Get a PDF of the November NAGMAG HERE!

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