Download the November 2011 NAGMAG!

Download the November 2011 edition of NAGMAG HERE!

This month in NAGMAG is brimming with fun. First we start off with a look back at a big night in the NAG,  a photo spread from The Sexy Halloween Party, where over 800 revelers packed Gen’s 2nd on Oct 29th.

Of course we have a missive from Kazuhide: “As you may knowing, I am break up the my mistress. Woman today is so hard to maintenance. After drive her home in the my taxi, she refuse to pay my fare. How cheap she is!”

Our Feature this month is NAG Sounds. Our very own Daniel Ostrander takes a look at Nagoya music makers on SoundCloud.

As usual Dan Daniel Ostrander offers up some sound advice with his extensive listing of live music and events this month in NAG LIVE

Many of you may have seen the ad for the EXEO Parties, but aren’t quite sure what they are all about. We explain this fun new way for couples to meet in NAG!

Also this month we check in with Chris Carson who is leaving Nagoya and joining the Free Burma Rangers. We find out about the group and why he is enlisting with them.

Want to know what your baby with an AKB48 member would look like? Thank God for AKBaby!

And as always our extensive listing of foreign friendly bars and restaurants along with a look at GROK in Osu.

Plus heaps more!

Download the November 2011 edition of NAGMAG HERE!

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