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Recently NAGMAG, in conjunction with Centrair airport and the The Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau published a guide to shopping and dining in Nagoya. After a year of research we are happy to present this companion feature celebrating the best that Nagoya has to offer.
You can find more information on all the places mentioned here at the mobile-friendly website, including maps, shop opening times and more (in 4 languages!) along with a specially produced free digital publication for the iPad.  Just point your browser to!

In this month’s mag:

• PJs at BJ!

• Does Size Matter?

• Nag by Bus!

• Happy Birthday to The Coat of Arms!

• How to Celebrate St. Pat’s Day in Nag

• Daniel Ostrander with NAG Live

• Anger, He Wrote

• The Freebell Deli

• And much more!

Get a PDF of the March NAGMAG HERE!

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