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1Get a PDF of the June NAGMAG HERE!

It may be summer, but we still have the bump of rainy season (梅雨) to clear before the good times really start to roll.

You have one month to get rid of that Asahi-Kirin-Sapporo belly – beaches around Aichi are set to officially “open” at the end of June – and our feature this month is about getting to the gym to get in shape (cover). Enjoy!

• The Way
• Natsu no Nihongo
• Kooks Karate
• Adjustment Guidance
• Get Fit! (Cover)
• Got Wax?
• Awesome halal chilli con carne at Om Nom Nom
• Authentic American BBQ at Tiger Lily
• NAG Live

Get a PDF of the June NAGMAG HERE!

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