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This month we have focused the magazine on English-language education for kids, not English language classes – but schools that use English as the primary method for teaching a range of subjects.

Nagoya has grown a lot in recent years and along with it the foreign community. And along with that growth has been the rise of more and more options of schools where children can get a quality education in English, whether they be foreign, dual national or Japanese.

While there isn’t enough room to list all of the schools in this feature (we actually ran out of space!) we feel that the schools we have represented here offer a variety of quality learning environments. And we will continue to feature other schools in the coming months.

The first International school of note in Nagoya is the Nagoya International School which opened in 1964, as with the International Christian Academy of Nagoya it offers education from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Both are unique in offering a comprehensive K through 12 education in Nagoya.

However a number of pre-schools and kindergartens exist where children thrive in a hands-on environment with truly unique curricula offering a great alternative to the public education system. Discovery International, No Borders and Playpourri offer truly outstanding environments for children who benefit from deeper teacher-student engagement and attention to special needs and talents.

Aichi International School offers Pre-K through 6th grade and has a unique bilingual education for 1st through 6th graders which offers a vibrant environment of many nationalities where kids learn science, music, art, math, social studies and of course English as well as Japanese – making it unique for parents who want the alternative to have their children get a quality education in English while maintaining their Japanese language skills.

Every school has something different to offer. And every family, every child, has different needs. You may want something different for your child than the standard Japanese educational system provides and luckily in Nagoya the number of options continues to increase.

If you have kids we know you are considering which situation is best for them. We hope this helps you by giving you a glimpse of the opportunities that are available. If you don’t have kids maybe you would find one of these schools to be a potential employment opportunity. One thing is certain. If you are energetic and enthusiastic about teaching, all of the schools featured would be a special place to further your career.

This wasn’t always so. Nagoya is growing. Opportunities for education are changing and improving. We hope you enjoy what we have learned while putting together this feature – that passionate people are doing great things to help improve the quality of education in our city – may it be only home for now, or home for good!

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    My name is Kanako, the representative of one of NPO media named
    We established the Ethnic Media Club Aichi (EMCA) last year to make a network of ethnic medias of Tokai area. It is aimed for getting public information and advertisement which should be spread more to foreign residents.

    Now, we got an advertisement of Aichi prefecture, it is about the public medical interpretation system.

    So I’d like to ask you the advertising in English regardless of the EMCA member or not.
    I will be happy if I can have a chance to explain directly next week.
    Waiting for your reply.

    Thank you a lot.

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