Download the January 2016 NAGMAG!

Get a PDF of the January NAGMAG HERE!1

Akeome! Kotoyoro! We hope you had a great New Year’s break. Start your year of the monkey with this month’s NAGMAG:

• Daniel Ostrander has some sound advice
• The Daily NAG: Why, Japanese People?
• Gyudon: Rangi finds out about Japan’s favorite fast food (cover)
• A real life escape game! Find the key and escape the RED ROOM!
• Culture shock: kids get it too
• Share House Nagoya: Looking for a place to live and make some friends?
• Which kanji has the most strokes?
• What to do if you lose your resident card
• The Profit (Chapter 4)

Get a PDF of the January NAGMAG HERE!

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