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Where is The Love? Well in NAGMAG Of course!

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Looking For Love (Hotels)

This month we take a look at love hotels  in Nagoya. After exhausting… err… exhaustive research our very own Doug Breath reports back on some romantic spots to take that special someone or (even just that someone), for Valentines day.

Also in this issue…

Ask Kazuhide: Special Varentines edition

“Thank you for loving the Japanese man. However, E-cup is terrifying. It is only seen in Japanese manga, and most think it is never real.”

How to celebrate V-Day the J-Way

Melissa Feineman explains how the Valentines game is played in Japan.

Where is the Love?

Daniel Ostrander runs down who is doing what and where on Valentines.

Bring Back The Sexy: The Photos

A fun and enthusiastic crowd kicked off the first SEXY party of the year at Gen’s 2nd on January 14th! What dd you miss? Check out the photos by Mami Ito, Dino Muramatsu and Sayaka Nimura

Nagoya Live

The Daniel Ostrander offers up a sumptions sonic selection of who’s playing where in Nagoya this month.

The Film Freak

Our very own Adam Miller reviews J. Edgar, In Time, Dragon Age: Blood Mage Crusade and Tempest 3D.

What’s New In Nag?

The perennially dissed Nagtown finally welcomes Costco, Legoland and Ikea!

A New Way to Teach

Darran Daido and Brendan Sparks have created a journey towards a flexible understanding of the English language that can be reviewed easily by young students and their parents. Rangi explains.


An interesting exhibit opens at the Aichi Arts Center this month. Check out Utsushi is Utsukushi (Copied Things Are Beautiful) Starting Feb 3.

Bars And Restaurants

Check out our extensive listing of where to eat and drink in the Nag!

Download the February Edition of NAGMAG HERE!!


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