Download the February 2016 NAGMAG!

Get a PDF of the February NAGMAG HERE!01

It’s so warm that it feels like spring is a month early. Luckily, there’s the whole month for the universe to prove me wrong and have a good laugh in the process!

In this month’s mag:

• Belladonna: Cabaret and live music in Nagoya? Yes please!
• NAG Live: Daniel Ostrander has some sound advice.
• Naked Men: The Naked Man Fest (hadaka matsuri) is this month.
• Art: Picassos in NAG!
• The Daily NAG: News you can’t use
• Work-Love Balance: Are you working too much and loving too little?
• Tax Time: Americans, Uncle Sam wants his share of your yen!
• The Profit Part 5: Gospel according to  Jun

Get a PDF of the February NAGMAG HERE!

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