Download The December NAGMAG!

Winter is here – and so is the end of the world – if you believe in that kind of thing. Of course, if the world keeps on spinning, it’s time for a big old NAGMAS! So, snuggie up in front of the fireplace, and read this month’s issue of NAGMAG (as a PDF):

• We visit Unitour, a travel agent that takes the “this is retarded” out of booking flights away from the NAGopolis!

• The ACCJ TJCS Champagne Ball party pics!

• Santa (and friends) help out some orphans!

• Mark Guthrie has some for keeping warm, even some that don’t involve arson!

• The D.O. dishes out his usual sound advice, with a bit of added Christmas cheer…

• Doug Breath writes about his life in a gaijin house during the 80s.

• And lots lots more! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Download it here! (PDF)

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