Double Impact

The art of Meiji JapanKobayashi-Eitaku,-Sugawara-Michizane-Praying-on-Tenpai-Mountain,-1874-86,-William-Sturgis-Bigelow-Collection-11.9412

This is the first exhibition to bring together pivotal works from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tokyo University of the Arts. It traces the history of the Meiji era, from 1868 to 1912, and explores the cultural influence of the West on Japan and vice-versa.

After Japan was opened for large-scale global trade in the 1850s, the world was flooded with exotic Japanese art. Western countries were intrigued by ukiyo-e (Japanese wood block prints depicting subjects from everyday life). However, it was only when they visited Japan in the Meiji Era that Westerners were mesmerized by these unique culture and introduced them to their countries. These new works were heavily acquired around the world and began to influence Western art. The term Japonisme was coined, describing artwork created in Europe and the US with Japanese motifs.
Double Impact will take you on a journey where the lines of Japan and the West blur through art. You will find little curiosities like a tiny human skeleton rendered perfectly in deer horn, and many Japanese paintings featuring Western ideas. The exhibition holds about 150 works, including pieces by Yokoyama Taikan, Kuroda Seiki, Hishida Shunsō and Kawanabe Kyōsai. – Lauren Ottaway

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and
Tokyo University of the Arts
Double Impact
Until August 30
Nagoya / Boston Museum of Fine Arts
1-1-1 Kanayama-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Tel. (052) 684-0101

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