Don’t Go Bacon My Heart (BACON MONTH at The Rock)

You can’t really make bacon any better than it already is… or caaaaan you? Except that the mad scientists at The Rock have done exactly that. In what might otherwise be a dad joke if these guy’s were not extremely serious when it comes to crispy pork goodness, they have come up with a campaign entitled “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” which is timed to coincide with two famously bacon-themed holidays: Valentines Day and White Day?

Beginning on February 14th you can head down to The Rock and imbibe bacon in every form currently devised by man. Let’s start with the obvious – the bacon burger… but not just ANY bacon burger – this behemoth comes with 6 pieces of bacon and a side of yummy bacon cheese fries.

Follow this with a bacon bloody Mary made with special bacon vodka. Or perhaps you are in the mood for a bacon milkshake featuring bacon candy? Not enough bacon for you? Try the “Hog Father” a cocktail which includes half bacon infused scotch and another half of Amaretto. Or perhaps a Bacon Stout beer cocktail?

But wait there’s more! Even if you have tried all of the above there is more, more, more. Bacon Salad with bacon dressing, peppers stuffed with bacon, mashed potato bongs with cheddar wrapped in bacon. Did I mention bacon ice cream?

I know lately the news has been disheartening. It has made your heart stop. But now you have an actual verified way of making this happen for true. I’m taking this as a sign that the end is near, if not for the world than definitely for my ticker.

The good news is that any time you purchase one of these bacon themed menu items you get placed in a raffle to win one of (you guessed it) these bacon – themed prizes, the drawing for which will take place on White Day (March 14th:

• 5Kg of Smoked Bacon
• 700 ml of Bacon Vodka
• A “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” T-shirt

So take that special someone down to The Rock and celebrate the season of love, which to these guys means bacon, bacon bacon!

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