DJPauloAtNight at Day @ Utsumi Beach – July 28, 2012

NAGMAG: Can you give us a 100 word profile of yourself and your work?

Well, My Name is Paulo a.k.a DjPauloAtNight! I consider myself a very full of live, energetic person. I’m interested in knowing people from all around the world who can give me positive energy, also I’d like to learn about their culture. I am one of the people trying to look at everything in life in a positive way and everyday I am trying to make myself a better person!

About my Work: I am a DJ and a producer! I love my job! I’m working hard and to always bring the best music to the dance floor! My style is LOUNGE HOUSE / PROGRESSIVE HOUSE / ELECTRO HOUSE as well as any style of HOUSE MUSIC!

NM: Tell us about the Sound Machine Beach Party?

Paulo: Sound Machine is already known in Nagoya for its awesome parties and good music selection on every single party, but so far we only had parties inside clubs. So we decided to do something different and have a party at day time, an outdoor party.

At first I thought it was kind of hard to get people together, and to get all the licenses necessary to make an outside event, but the Sound Machine team put in some hard work and got one of the best places for making an outside party in Aichi: Utsumi Beach!

We had the chance to pick other places and charge a fee for entrance, but the main objective of this party is to show our appreciation to all the people who have been supporting us at every party and event we make in Nagoya, so we decided to pick a place that has easy access, shops around and everything necessary to have a great event. So, everyone will be able to have good music in a great environment for FREE!!! We hope to see you there! I am really looking forward to this party!

NM: What have you achieved with Sound Machine so far?

Paulo: Before Sound Machine I had other options, but I didn’t feel It was the right thing for me. Then I met the president of Sound Machine. We had similar ideas about what to do in Nagoya in order to entertain people and make an actual business out of it.

So after struggling a lot (still lots and lots of hard work!) we got the trust of the public who enjoy good music. The clubs and bars around town realize that and then my schedule started to get busier and busier.

We already have a lot of fans (thank you all you guys) and we are always looking for new mates. Our main goal is: Bring good music to our friends and make them have a good time!

NM: What are Sound Machine’s goals for the future?

Paulo: As I said before Our main goal is: Bring good music to our friends and make them have a good time! Right now we are doing this on clubs only (don’t forget Utsumi on July 28th).

But we love our friends so much that we want to be connected with them at all time! That’s why we are working our ass off (I don’t know if I can say that here, but its really what we are doing!) building Sound Machine Radio!!! Ooops I said too much. More details at

NM: What are your thoughts on the Nagoya Club Scene?

Compared to a few years ago, I’ve seen that the quality of the clubs has changed for the better for punters. Nagoya has many good clubs but the quality of music should be improved. Most of the clubs in Nagoya play a very similar style.

NM: Do you think you could improve the Nagoya scene? How?

I often think about it. My goal at the moment is to come up with something new that can easily be applied to Nagoya’s clubs, I myself enjoy European-style house music very much and I’d like to introduce it to Nagoya’s public!

“House Music” is still not fully understood and it’s such a pity because so much life is hidden in this type of music.

In GREAT PARTIES, I’m always playing a good quality of House Music, mixed with commercial style for the general public of Nagoya, begin to appreciate this GOOD style of music!

NM: What are your goals for the rest of 2012?

My goal is to go back to work in production at Radio Recorder Studio, and intend to practice, and learn more about production of music for the rest of 2012! It’s a definite goal to still be around for many years and to rock it as hard as I do now.

NM: What kind of music is popular at Japanese clubs now? What do you think will be a hit this summer?

Hmmm, I would say Pop House! For example Nicki Minaj – Starships! I’m not sure but Usher – Scream could easily be the 2012 summer hit!

NM: What is your personal favorite track right now?

Ohhh… that is a difficult question!! I have too many! Probably: Arty, Matisse & Sadko – Trio (Original Mix)

NM: A message for your fans?

Thanks to my fans I became the person who I am, and my message to them is “Don`t stop loving my music!”  Seeing you enjoying my music makes me happy! Together we can share parties and memories together for many years to come!

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