Discrimination Against Japanese Demons At All Time High

Attacks on Japanese demons, or ‘Oni’, reached a twelve-month high this February, according to Sargent Ito of Nakamura-ku koban.

“The Oni community have reported a dramatic increase in hate crimes perpetrated against their members this month, with February 3 seeing a 1327% rise on the previous day,” Sargent Ito said. “We are currently looking into the reasons behind the attacks.”

The Oni race have long been maligned in Japan thanks to historical discrimination amid the belief that they cause natural disasters and attack people with little or no provocation, however they feel that they are being unfairly maligned.

“Having lived in this country for the last 3,458 years, I would have thought that I would have been accepted as part of the community, as part of the country,” said Sōjōbō, leader of the Oni Alliance, an association set up for the protection of Oni.

“But every year my brethren and I are abused and shunned by the native Japanese. It’s an absolute disgrace!”

While racism is an issue that is seldom discussed in Japan, the Oni Alliance claim that it is an increasing problem.

“This year, as I walked around my neighbourhood local people, those who I live alongside, those who bid me good morning, those who I help to sort their recycling, gathered together chanting ‘demons out!’” explained Daitengu, another member of the Oni Alliance. “I tried to ignore them, but they persisted.

“They may think that because I am huge, bright red and have long horns that I have no feelings, but I’m telling you, that night I went home and cried.

“And then later I made a lovely chilli with the beans they threw at me. Waste not, want not, after all.”

Sōjōbō is of the belief that racism is behind the attacks, something that is exacerbated by the current international political climate.

“In the past we Oni were outsiders, and maybe we may have attacked villages, or whatnot. But nowadays we are law-abiding citizens, most of whom have jobs in the entertainment industry or are salarymen. But thanks to the colour of our skin, the length of our nose or the intensity of the fire we breathe, we are being unfairly treated.

“On the bright side, at least one of us has been made the president of one of the world’s superpowers,” he continued. “Come on, bright orange, misshapen and perpetually angry? Surely you knew he was one of us, right?”

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