Dir En Grey

As part of their Never Free from the Awakening Tour, one of Japan’s biggest metal exports, DIR EN GREY (caps lock intentional), will unleash their fury this September at Zepp, Nagoya.

DIR EN GREY has risen from a small kei group, to the heights of touring with Korn on their Family Values Tour. They are best described as ‘experimental’, which can definitely be seen in their music, but sadly no longer in their clothing choices (Google their younger days).

Kyo is one of the biggest draw cards for the band. As the founding father, his presence is something to behold and his vocal range is  just as impressive – in one breath, witness gentle crooning before launching into a growling and nightmarish cacophony.

Each member brings something unique to the stage. Shinya brings crushing drums, Kaoru and Die smash their guitars until their fingers nearly bleed and Toshiya on the bass creates a menacing atmosphere in each song. They are such a tight group because they have not changed their line-up since their inauguration, and this is what many fans love about them.
Each track on their latest album, Arche, builds in extremity; they begin with soft melodies and explode into what can only be described as Hellraiser on acid. Released in December 2014, this album focuses on pain. You can expect to hear many of these songs on their current tour, as well as highlights from their previous eight albums, offering something for both new and old fans alike.

The venue, Zepp, is located next to Market Square Sasashima, only a five minute walk from Sasashima Live Station, or a twenty minute walk from Nagoya Station. And there are plenty of places to eat and pre-drink in the area before the gig.

Zepp hosts a huge range of gigs; if you’re into metal, indie, J-pop and even the likes of Babymetal (try placing them into a genre), you will be entertained. Zepp boasts a healthy capacity of almost 1800, which guarantees a night with atmosphere.

If you are into metal, or just want to check out something different and don’t mind the odd growl/croon/scream/howl, then DIR EN GREY should be marked on your gig calendar. And if this is your first metal gig, it is probably the best to start with. They may whet your appetite to venture into a metal world you otherwise might never have discovered.  Either that or you’ll walk away traumatized. Good luck.

Sept 15 (19:00  | ¥6,480 )

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