Desperados: Margarita On The Rocks

IMG_4626While Rudy is in the kitchen at Desperados whipping up the best enchiladas you’re likely to find, his wife Takako is mixing the booze. Don’t let the fact that she’s Japanese fool you, she’s spent more time in Mexico than Pancho Villa, and as such, knows her way around the vast array of tequilas on hand.

Having worked in a cocktail bar, belligerently facing down the multitude of ignoramuses who believed that the famous Mexican drink was served like some kind of alcoholic kakigori, NAGMAG thought he knew how to mix a Margarita properly. He was wrong. Takako serves it up with a smooth Camino tequila, salt round the rim and smashes it on the rocks. ‘Why the ice?’ you ask, as you poncely expect it to come straight up in a martini glass? Because that’s how they do it in Mexico, and if you’re gonna argue with the Mexicans over how to drink tequila, then you’re a braver man than I. – MG

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