World Cosplay Summit hits Nagoya this weekend

Cosplay Summit Nagoya 2015

Nagoya transforms into the holy land of cosplay this weekend, hosting the World Cosplay Summit for 2015.

You may have seen characters congregate around parks in Nagoya, or maybe you’ve been inside one yourself (I know I like to pretend to be someone else on the weekend) – but the Cosplay Summit is truly out of this world.

If you are into anthropomorphism, as a spectator or in-character, this event is like the Super Bowl of cosplay. The Championship on Saturday (these tickets have sold out, sorry) determines the number one cosplay act not only by their attire, but also the art and direction of their performance. This is serious stuff.

There are free events in Nagoya as well where you can marvel at the sexy strangeness that is cosplay.

Saturday, August 1:

Tokugawa Muneharu and World Cosplay Summit Nishiki Street Red Carpet Parade

Keep your eyes on their website to find out when all this glitz and glamour will take place. It will surely be worth standing out in the 38 (RealFeel 48) degree heat.

Time: TBC

Place: Nishiki Street

The World Karaoke Grand Prix

What’s better than cosplay? Cosplay and karaoke. Watch amateurs and professionals battle it out on stage to an anime song in Japanese. Could make a fun game of pick the gaijin cosplayers?

Time: 14:30~16:30

Place: Oasis 21 Stage

Osu Cosplay Parade

This is when they all get to show off amid cosplay fanfare. Watch thousands of cosplayers from over 26 countries strut their stuff through Osu. This is definitely one I will not miss.

Time: 11:00~13:00

Venue : Osu shopping arcade

Happy cosplaying!

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