Conbini Crimes March 2015

There are some real advantages to living in Japan… great beer, great food, friendly people, awesome sights. But greatest of all these cultural treasures is the mighty conbini. Where else can you buy a quart of whisky, some fried chicken, a lewd comic book and a package of smokes at 3 am on a Sunday Night? Yes say what you will about the wonders of Kyoto or the majesty of Fuji – let’s be honest, the conbini is  is undoubtably the gaijin’s best friend.

Alas it is not all roses in gaijin paradise however, as under the never faulting glare of the strip lighting, lurks enough evil to scare off Leatherface.  We speak now of conbini crimes, where the ever increasing desire for new products runs out of control like a science experiment involving gerbils and meth.

Every now and again NAGMAG takes a look to see what the criminal minds behind the conbini’s psychopathic product development teams have come up with. It’s not our favorite job, but someone’s gotta do it. Therefore with much trepidation we proudly present the Conbini Crimes of 2015!

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