Coat of Arms: The King's Burger

Hunter Byron Smith

Moss Burger has grown moldy… McDonald’s doesn’t even classify a food… If you’re looking for the type of burger that you can proudly wear the weight of, the sort of burger that slows down time and drags you into that deep cathartic food-trance, then bust out your bib and get over to Coat of Arms. A rather new establishment here on the Nagoya scene, COA is a rare champion in an arid wasteland of burgers gone astray. Perhaps the only charbroiled burgers out of the bunch we’ve tried in this city, they’ve ditched the griddle-taste diner standard and opted for that more sophisticated restaurant char-taste. Not to mention they have one big bastard of a burger. This is serious eating at its finest. There’s no judging here, order more than one. Celebrate your life with delicious and unadulterated meaty bliss.

Vital Statistics:
Meat: Their King’s Burger is a hefty 250g beef-patty monstrosity (in the best way!) copiously topped with cheese, bacon, and slices of ham, and is one of the most delicious things we’ve eaten in Nagoya – that is when we managed to stop staring and admiring long enough to devour it.
Bun: Their buns are toasty and sesame encrusted, as ancient tradition dictates.
Fries: Waffle. Fries. Does it get any better? Yes. Yes, it does, because they come in garlic.
Condiments: Copiously topped with cheese, bacon, and slices of ham. Lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle are left on the side, leaving that certain level of self-creative-assembly in crafting your hunger’s demise.
Epic Win: Charbroiled flavor for the win!!
Dr. Seuss Would…  eat this to impress. He would eat this without duress.

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