Coat Of Arms: Kiwifruit Caipirinha


Coat Of Arms bartender Masaki loves bartending and meeting new people so much he has been at it for 20 years and counting. His uniform consists of a kilt. He thought it was a prank, but nope. Getting in touch with his Scottish side has had it’s benefits: the airflow is nice and it’s cool in summer. The craziest time at Coat of Arms he can remember is during the Sochi Olympics, where Canada went up against Sweden in the ice hockey final. He described the atmosphere as “awesome”, with Canadians everywhere.
Masaki chose to serve up a Caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil. He gave it a special commonwealth twist by adding kiwifruit, which is the best fruit out of all fruits. Obviously.

You make a Kiwifruit Caipirinha by adding fresh lime, crushed ice, sugar and kiwifruit to a Brazilian sugar cane rum called Pinga and shaking it all up. The initial kick of the Pinga hit me like a Brazilian MMA fighter, followed by fruity textures. I never knew that lime and kiwifruit would be such good partners. Definitely recommended for a sunny day on COA’s wicked patio. – RTM

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